Day 2 – Apr 21, 2015
Morning 9:00 - 12:30 PM

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    Creating Learning Experiences and Organizations

    Organizations often approach our rapidly changing technology and customer environment by creating a singular strategy and vision. view more…

    Evelyn Huang, Capital One VP, Design Thinking and Strategy
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    Design for Innovation: Leading the Integration of User-centered Design, Lean & Agile

    Modern organizations have adopted new methodologies like lean start-up, agile, and design thinking to enable innovation, speed time to market, and ensure product viability. view more…

    Tracey Varnell, Adaptive Path Lead Experience Designer
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    Designing & Driving UX Careers

    UX careers are constantly evolving and the challenge of hiring and retaining talent has never been higher. view more…

    Ian Swinson, User Experience Design Director
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    The Management of Design

    Managing and leading the delivery of great experiences requires both rigor and flexibility in the face of constant change. view more…

    Kristin Skinner, Adaptive Path Managing Director, Program Management
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    The Well-Designed Team: Creating Energy and Sustaining Momentum

    Like most people in our field, you want to design and develop inspired products and services, work with smart people, and have a great time doing it. view more…

    Sarah B. Nelson, Radically Human Chief Instigator and Igniter of Passions